Strathview Genetics

Better Lambs, More of them



Strathview Maternal Genetics are renowned for their superior maternal traits. The breed has been performance recorded for over 45 years and Strathview has been recorded in NSW for more than 25 years. Originally starting with the Coopworth breed, Stathview has now branched out into the maternal composite side of things. 

Our Focus

To breed ewes that are highly profitable in self replacing and first cross flocks. These ewes have great mothering ability with high fertility, milk, early growth and early maturity. Strathview ewes are joined at 7 months of age & have strong meat characteristics & a great constitution.

Meet the Owners

Strathview, Spring View & Spring Hill are owned and run by Tim and Bek Lubke along with their four kids. The properties are located between the southwest slopes of Riverina New South Wales. Strathview is roughly 5km from the township of Henty and about 2km's from the Henty Machinery Field Days site.