Strathview Newsletter September 2020

Ram Sale:  Our on Property ram sale will still go ahead as usual. Clients have the option to bid on the day in person using the Helmsman Auction System through placing bids with AgNVet representatives. In addition, the
sale will be run online using Auctions Plus. Clients have the option to bid using their device at the ram sale or at home if you cannot physically attend the sale.  Inspections from 10am. Sale start: 12pm. Lunch provided. COVID-19 health precautions will be in place. All people attending the sale must adhere to the COVID safety Plan and sign in on the day.  Rams will be penned available for inspection or viewed online through Auctions Plus. If you would like to view the rams prior to the sale, please get in contact with Tim.

Sheep meat in demand:

There has been strong demand from re-stockers as the nations flock looks to rebuild. Garry Anderson from Mangoplah recently sold Scanned in lamb ewe lambs for $309. Monthly record price levels were also reached in the lamb market for February and March this year.

Lamb is still selling well above production costs and has proven to be resilient in an economically challenging time. Unfortunately, it's a different story for the wool market as we are looking at selling our wool clip at below the cost of shearing since the purchase of the stud in 2007. The wool market doesn't look like recovering anytime soon. With a downturn in the wool industry we have had more enquiries than previous years due to lamb being a sustainable commodity year in, year out. Therefore, we have a larger offering of 100 Maternal Rams at our on property ram sale. This year we are also offering for the first time 10 terminal rams after purchasing stud ewes from Kentish Downs and Gromark dispersal sales. From this terminal line our goal is developing easy lambing with smaller birth weights, better survival and strong carcass characteristics to go over maiden ewes to be joined at 7-8 months of age.

The flock rams this year have a strong history of growth and fertility. Again, highlighted this year with our own commercial scanning results of 190% on our Spring View property and 211% at Strathview. The last few years we have been focusing on making our ewes more efficient in the paddock. This drop highlights the work we have been doing in terms of dropping adult weight whilst increasing fertility and also increasing genetic fat for a more resilient and feed efficient sheep.  These rams are built for commercial producers looking at running high stocking rates that perform well under pressure.

The following graphs highlight Strathview 2019 drop sires performance within Australian Flock data analysis. The reason we use Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) is to continue to make progress and compare how our flock performs in relation to our competitors. We are committed to offering the best available genetics to our clients to increase on-farm profit. Below is a list of our sires progeny for this year's ram sale.

Strathview Sires well ahead in milk production: Maternal Weaning Weight
This graph indicates Strathview rams daughters ability to produce
milk is off the charts for the 2019 drop and suggests our competitors are going backwards. Rams with a positive maternal weaning weight indicates the extra weight their daughters feed into their lambs.
Strathview sires 331 and 184 are in the top 1%. Sire 96 is in the top 2%.


Strathview Sires well ahead with feed conversion and resilience
Post Weaning Fat
Strathview Sire 96 is in the top 3% for fat.
Strathview Sire 297 is in the top 10% for fat and top 1% for eye
Strathview sire 330 is in the top 7% for fat. Strathview sire 184 is in top 10%

Strathview Sires excellent fertility and lamb survival
Number of Lambs Weaned
Strathview sire 332 and C4626, are in the top 1% NLW Strathview sire 180 and CP330 are in the top 2% NLW Strathview sire 184 and 331 are in the top 3% NLW


Ewe lamb trial:

Of the 691 Strathview ewes we entered into the MLA trial, they returned on average 152% scanning result.  We had 365 twins, 20 triplets, 260 Singles and only 46 dry. Fertility is strongly linked with condition score in joining ewe lambs. Improvements in fertility can also be achieved by increasing daily weight gain during joining.

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